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Proceeds from the sales are used for the preservation of the Gloeckelberg church






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The book describes life, customs and events of the village founded in the 17th century until 1945. Franz Petschl composed and published the book.

468 pages   206 photographs  62 graphics
price EURO 30.00.


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212 slides, divided in 14 topics show the life of people of the place before 1945. Compiled by Horst Wondraschek.

Price of the DVD EURO 15.00

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 This documentary shows the restoration of the cemetery and church in 1990 from the first attempts to reach the church to the first Holy Mass on All Saints Day.
The movie lasts 70 minutes and has been produced by Horst Wondraschek.

Price EURO 20.00

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200 so far mostly unpublished photographs and drawings show not only the historically significant canal but also remind of the disappeared towns, life and work along the canal.
Author: Fritz Lange  
128 pages

price EURO 18.90

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