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Gloeckelberg strengthens area connections

A box of papers and a box of clothes

Mittwoch, 20.02.2013, 08:40

Artificial canal for floating timber
From Sonnenwald to Josefsthal, in the district of Gloeckelberg, Schwarzenberg’s canal has been restored and water is flowing again towards Austria. The water is about 10 – 15 cm deep and in some parts like for example before and after the Mesnerhaus (Trafik), where the water flows a little faster, one can even hear the rippling.

Mittwoch, 20.02.2013, 08:39

Aerial shots of the whole of Czechoslovakia 1946/1952 A whole new way to see the old home from above is possibel at this
site: http://kontaminace.cenia.cz The flight photos were made between
1946 and 1952. The recordings include the whole national territory.
Double-click the field that interests you and you can zoom into it. You can switch between the past and today to compare by clicking on the button on top, right side. (Historic and Current in English)

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